Mian Nawaz Sharifs decision to welcome some dissidents of the PML-Q back in the fold on a case to case basis during a meeting with Senator Salim Saifullah and Senator Haroon Akhtar Khan in Islamabad is a laudable step. This is in consonance with the requirement of the present times when the country is in dire need of an able and strong leadership that can steer it out of the prevailing mess. However at the same time, Mian Nawaz made no bones about his repulsion for the Chaudhry brothers and his announcement not to take them on board. This would only reflect poorly on his vision because unless and until they are included, the unification drive cannot be considered to be complete in true sense of the word. In fact, it must be mentioned that if Mian Nawaz had told his party men to stay put and urged them to remain united before being forced to leave for Saudi Arabia back in 2000, he would not have to witness the break up of the party. Indeed there is no denying the fact that General Pervez Musharraf left no stone unturned to put an end to the political base of Mian brothers, the fact remains that if Mian Nawaz had taken the various cadres of the party into confidence as he is doing at the moment, the party could have been prevented from going to the dogs as it subsequently did. Mian Nawaz is a visionary leader and there are no two opinions about the fact that he has his finger on the pulse of the public at the moment through his opposition to the Zardari government yet he needs to show a little flexibility which surely would be appreciated. There is an impression that personal rivalries and grudges have been allowed to get the better of statesmanship. The aim should rather be the complete unification of the PML and making it an entity that once existed during the time of great leader and founder of the nation Quaid-i-Azam who achieved as great a task as the creation of Pakistan despite machinations and all sorts of conspiracies by British Empire and the Hindu majority. If now the PML-N wants to be resurrected in its old great form and restored its past glory, Mian Nawaz must undergo a change of heart. It bears pointing out that in the recent past proposal to bring various factions of the party under one tent had been floated by PML-F leader Pir Pagara also but the call unfortunately was not heeded owing to personal rivalry between the two rival clans. It is time the Muslim League was brought on a single platform and the nation taken out of the prevailing mess of American interference, its military aggression and lots of other problems from poverty to general restlessness.