Karachi is bleeding day in and night out. Innocent people are falling victim to target killing in alarming number. Hearing ambulance sirens every now and then has become a routine for Karachiites with no visible early end to this spate of bloodbath. The helplessness of law enforcers is pathetic. What has made things worse is the fact that those in uniforms have also joined those who are committing crimes against humanity. Removal of Inspector General of Sindh Police and Director General of Rangers would mean nothing till such time that Sarfrazs killers are punished. The court must ensure that the witnesses are not threatened by the law enforcers who are out to protect their colleagues. All political stake-holders who are since long indulging in passing over the buck game should put their heads together and ponder upon the dangerous environment in the city of Quaid-i-Azam. PPP, MQM and ANP are all responsible for the prevailing situation and cannot escape the blame of sitting idle and just blaming each other. What has come for everyone as a surprise is the Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilanis statement who tried to shun responsibility of events in Karachi by saying that law and order was a provincial matter. One may ask him if that be so, then why President Asif Zardari, he himself and Interior Minister Rahman Malik frequently air dash to Karachi whenever the situation worsens there. Under whose command are Rangers and Frontier Constabulary? The indifferent attitude of the Federal authorities would not help improve the situation. It would rather go from bad to worse. Various investigations conducted in the past clearly indicate who is behind the series of target killings. Those arrested by police have their political affiliations. Why then no action has ever been initiated against them? Why are authorities trying to hush up findings of these investigations? Will this attitude be helpful to resolve the crises? These are some of the questions that elicit urgent answers from those responsible. The sooner these questions are addressed the best it would be to make the city of Quaid as a place worth living. There is no room for any further delay.