The Nation of June 13 published an interview held with the British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Adam Thompson. Among other things, the HC said Do More is not a helpful phrase in relation to Pakistans role in fight against terrorism and violent extremism. There is a need that all the coalition partners fighting against terrorism Do More on their own part. It is a fact that Pakistan has committed to the fight about 150,000 soldiers which exceeds the total number of soldiers contributed by the US and its forty-odd allies. Also, human losses suffered by Pakistani forces and civilians far exceed those of all others combined and this comes on top of approximately $60 billion losses to our economy. We already know this and if there is anyone who needs to be informed of this is his own Prime Minister David Cameron who consistently talks lot of nonsense about Pakistan. The High Commissioner also talked about Kashmir and gave reasons why his country cant interfere in this dispute. However, he conveniently forgot to mention that this problem, which is a major dispute between India and Pakistan and is responsible for lot of militancy, is of Britains making which gave the Muslim-majority territory to India at the time of partition. The High Commissioner talks about Al-Qaeda and its terror but again says not a word about the main reason behind its creation which is the United Statess undue support of Israel and mistreatment of Arabs and Muslims, which continues till this day. The US, which is very fond of imposing sanctions on Iran and other Muslim countries, including Pakistan, keeps rewarding Israel with increased military and economic despite its non-compliance with the 'roadmap for peace and Annapolis conference provisions, according to which a Palestine state should have come into existence already. How can anyone in his right mind hope to root out terrorism without removing, or at least trying to remove, the causes that gave rise to it in the first place. Now that in desperation, Mahmoud Abbas has expressed his intention to seek recognition of a Palestinian state through United Nations General Assembly, the US, Germany and some western countries have opposed the move, with US even threatening to veto the resolution at Security Council. Also, the US and Britains invasion of Iraq on fabricated charges has done nothing to allay Muslims apprehensions and has only strengthened the hands of terrorists. Mind you, there was no Al-Qaeda in Iraq before the invasion. The HC said The people of Pakistan are infuriated over the unilateral American raid in Abbottabad taking it as an attack on countrys sovereignty, but was not the presence of bin Laden without any permission also a violation of sovereignty, he questioned. The terrorists (Taliban) with the help of Al-Qaeda occupied Malakand in an effort to establish their own state within the state of Pakistan. Was not that against the sovereignty and integrity of the country, he posed another question. Now, doesnt his argument put the United States on the same level as the terrorists whom he so vehemently condemns? Are not the states that like to call themselves civilized supposed to act in a decent way, and not violate international laws in such a blatant manner? Kashmir and Palestine are two major causes of Muslim militancy and on both the issues, the conduct of US, Britain and their allies is dismal, rather shameful and harmful. With such lop-sided approach, how can they hope to root out militancy and ensure enduring peace? S.R.H. HASHMI, Karachi, June14.