LAHORE - Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has warned the government of staging demonstrations at 15 railway stations if the rulers tried to stop his train march starting on June 20.
Addressing a news conference here Sunday, he said that his protest would bring results, as he had architected the train march of the PML-N in the past. He claimed that he feared no jail and was ready to render any sacrifice while pursuing his train march.
The AML chief said that train march poses no danger to the democracy; however only a single family feels threat from the train march. He, while saying that power loadshedding has made the life of the masses miserable, alleged that contract of Nandipur power project has been given to a blacklist Chinese company . He added that the rulers have launched their front men to receive kickbacks in LNG contracts.
Rasheed called the PPP as ‘Retailer Party’ and the incumbent government led by PML-N as ‘Wholesale Party’ for their alleged corrupt practices. He claimed that the government’s announcement regarding taking up and completing the energy projects was a lie, while the Basha Dam and other projects would not be completed during his and the incumbent Prime Minister’s life.
To a query about initiating money-laundering case against Dr Tahirul Qadri, he said the people in power who desired to initiate a money-laundering case against Dr Qadri should instead launch such an inquiry against Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar.
Responding to another question regarding civil-military relations, he claimed that military leadership was uneasy with the current rulers. He added that the current year would prove testing for the PML-N, as it would decide fate of the ruling party.