MIRANSHAH- A large number of civilians has started moving out of North Waziristan following the launching of military operation today to avoid losses of lives.

The political authorities of the Agency has made adequate arrangements for registration and providing them refuge in specially established tent age villages in addition to food items. According to reports, expecting an escalation of violence, two-thirds of families have fled from the region as some to the settled or other agencies in Pakistan while others are heading for Afghanistan where they have
relatives. "We have packed up everything and are ready to leave as soon as the curfew is lifted," said a resident of Miranshah, the headquarters of North Waziristan Agency where hospitals and schools are closed.
The curfew will be relaxed in the next couple of days to allow residents to leave the area, a security official said. Some reports said many of the displaced families are heading for the Gorbaz district of Afghanistan's Khost province. A resident of the area said nearly a thousand families, or around 10,000
people, have now entered into Gorbaz district, and the number was growing.
In Miranshah, imams made announcements from mosque loudspeakers asking people to recite from the Quran and pray to God for the safety of those who remained behind.