Earth Day is not only about switching off lights, it is not only about planting trees, it is not only about alternate sources of energy, important though these all are.

Earth Day is also about global warming which will dangerously deplete glaciers, our store-house of fresh water, it is also about the floods that will inevitably follow, floods for which we are not prepared, floods which will carry the best part of 30 million acre feet of water to the sea.

Only a small part of this flood water stored in a Dam would make commemoration of Earth Day truly meaningful with its 3600 megawatts of clean and cheap power, and the millions of acre feet of water, a commodity which is fast becoming scarce right under our nose.

Finally, if the Earth Day does not make us stop and ponder the pros and cons of what we are about, then this Earth Day will also have been wasted just like the power and water resources which are being wasted every year for the last 20 years, and will continue to be wasted ever after.


Lahore, April 25.