The split air conditioners sold in Pakistan are actually mini ACs built on the pattern of split air conditioners used for central air conditioning of houses in rich countries like the United States. Our mini split ACs are in double units and thus cost twice the price of window-mounted ACs but they are aggressively marketed by the sellers in Pakistan for commercial profiting.

These mini split ACs use exactly the same amount of electricity as the window type because they both use the same kind of compressor but the sellers dupe the buyers by telling them that they run on little electricity. They also lose 20% cooling when the gas passes through ducts between their two units reducing their cooling capacity as compared to the window-type. The manufactures have stopped marketing window ACs in Pakistan, and it is therefore requested the government should direct them to make them available in our country again as they are best suited to our type of single-story houses.


Multan, April 25.