PTI should be vigilant of the fact that the hollow claims will not work now. People including columnists, scholars, media persons, and others from various walks of life have high hopes with this emerging federal party. And this is till the time PTI is not in power. The goals to be achieved in the first 100 days of the government were ambitiously put forward by the senior members of PTI in Islamabad. They are of huge significance to comprehend the politics of the party. 

Creating 10 million jobs does not seem possible at this moment. Will they be jobs like the ones awarded by preceding governments to its workers in PIA? There are hundreds of employees hired for a plane when, according to international standards, only few dozens of them are enough for successful operations. Moreover, 10 million jobs are quite huge in number and will require investment of billions of dollars and this does not seem to be coming from any side. Frankly speaking, only if 10 percent of them are created and given to the deserved candidates, this goal will serve its purpose. 

On the other side, the dream of building 5 million houses can be realized but it will serve its purpose only at the time when the poor get the housing facility on merit. The general masses, instead of party’s workers, should be benefitted. People do not like PPP, PML-N, and other traditional parties for this same reason, and they will not expect it from PTI. 

Lastly, presenting agenda for honeymoon period of the newly-formed government should be welcomed from all corners. Moreover, other parties should also introduce their own comprehensive agenda instead of finding faults with the traditional policies of each other. 


Lahore, May 24.