Good leadership, its guidance for the people in the right direction and their education play a great role in the making of a nation. In Pakistan un-fortunately neither the leadership nor the education is available. The reason in the continuation of defective democratic system of the country, its misuse by our political leaders, most of whom are corrupt and the main political parties which have been occupied by the wealthy self-made life-long chairmen of the parties possessing dictatorial powers and authorities.

China’s dynamic leadership, education of the public and its guidance in the right direction is the best example for the people of Pakistan to learn a lesson. It is as a result of the wisdom and deep vision of the Chinese leadership that China has emerged as a world-power before the world. To achieve education and acquire knowledge is one of the teachings of Islam. The wisdom and philosophy behind is that education enlightens the higher centres of the brain, broadens the depth of vision and changes mind set of the man.

Education in Pakistan has always been ignored and neglected due to non-priority of every ruling government, political parties, the parliamentarians sitting in the assemblies. None of them looks to have any inclination towards education, interest to promote it nor to do they have any Urge or desire to improve the deteriorated education of the country and from an elaborated long-term national education policy of Pakistan.

The National Election is approaching fast. Therefore, people should come forward, elect and bring up a good young leadership who would eradicate the corrupt system, divert the country in right direction by educating the entire population of Pakistan as a Jehad on war footings.

Remember, Al mighty does not help nations who do not help themselves.

Discipline is an important part of human character. It is learnt in childhood at home from the parents and in school from the teachers. Education and discipline are co-related.

In Pakistan today discipline in visible on roads from the public, violating traffics-rules and oftenly from the grown-up school or college boys carrying sticks and stones blocking the traffic to stop public transports for a free-ride which is provided to them from fear of any damage to their bus or beating of the bus conductor. Discipline has therefore diminished, disappeared in Pakistan and become a story of the past.

In most of the countries, the long term national policies are formed, discussed, debated in the national assembly finally decided and implemented. In Pakistan there is no such a fashion because the Prime Minster of the state does not ever attends the assembly session and the parliamentarians most of them are busy in looking after their private businesses.

Government has therefore according to its policy, allowed the private sector to share the growing public educational demands without taking assurance from them to fulfill the basic demands like providing proper playground for the children which is essential for sports, development of physical and mental-health of the children, the future generation of the country, right place for the school without any disturbance to their neighbors. Consequently, the private sectors has flooded the entire posh residential areas of the city, hired the residencies, houses villas and have opened schools, colleges, universities, academics and professional colleges.

This unplanned policy of the Government, instead of solving the problem, has further deteriorated the situations and created further public problems. The private sectors have formed powerful MAFIAS and a challenge for the Government.

They have commercialized the education and converted it into highly profitable trade and industry. There is no uniformity of syllabus all over Pakistan. Every school has its own syllabus, uniform and high fee- scales. The situation has become worse so much so that it has disturbed the peace and tranquility of the parents. The conditions for admissions in private sub-standard medical colleges, their high admissions fees apart from donations is un-imaginable and shame for the concerned Government Authorities. Every ruling Government for the last twenty years have failed to solve public education problems but none of them have ever realized its responsibility, accepted its mistakes and decided to resign and leave like other democratic countries of the world.

People of the Pakistan enjoy holidays throughout the year. Starting the holidays from Sundays, labor day , both Eids , Eid Milad un Nabi, Moharram, X-mas , Bank holidays, Kashmir day, Pakistan day, Allama Iqbal day, Quaid-e-Azam day and local holidays. The total number of holidays every year is about sixty five days or two months and five days.

Similarly, two and a half months of summer vacations of the children, it can therefore be calculated that our children do not attend their schools for more than four months every year. The unnecessary holidays should therefore needs to be cut down.

According to a planned, compromised policy settled amongst the Government authorities, parents and the school managements, the summer vacations of the children can be planned and made attractive, academically productive, by providing children cheap adventurous tours of the historical and the upper region of Pakistan. The non affording children should compensated financially by hiring their services for their help in getting jobs in private commercials centers. In this way, the children develop confidence learn punctuality of time and discipline. This practice is common in the west and is encouraged by their Governments.

Almighty does not help nations who do not help themselves.

Long live Pakistan


The writer is a senior citizen, who has served the Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudia-Arabia. At present, he is working as a medical specialist in a charity medical centre.