LAHORE - Consultant gastroenterologist Dr Israr ul Haque Toor has stressed the need for raising awareness about hepatitis, its causes and benefits of early treatment.  Speaking at a workshop at Lahore General Hospital on Saturday, he said that consumption of contaminated water and sub-standard food was the main cause of fast spreading hepatitis. Dr Israr ul Haque Toor said that pregnant women should take extra care as the disease could prove dangerous both for her and the baby. He said that change of color of eyes and urine, vomiting, low temperature and abdomen pain were symptoms of hepatitis. He urged taking boiled water. He advised avoiding sliced fruit and vegetables and eating at unhygienic places. He urged regular screening of pregnant women. He said that patients of hepatitis should use separate tooth brush, razor, towel, jewelry and nail cutter. He said that treatment of hepatitis C was now possible through tablets. In case of hepatitis B, medicines needed to be taken for the entire life, he said.