LAHORE   -  The proposed federal budget did not comply with the promise made by the present government to develop “New Era in Pakistan” and establishing “Madina State”. The present ruling party promised in its election manifesto for generation of 10 million jobs for the youth, building five million houses in the country for the poor. It remains still far cry. The government is required to introduce agrarian reforms to provide land to landless peasants to develop national agriculture and freeze and reduce the prices of essential commodities of daily use of the common citizen and allocate more resources for developing hydel power stations and water dams to provide cheaper electricity and basic need of water to the citizens.

These views were expressed by Khurshid Ahmad, General Secretary of All Pakistan Workers Confederation. He declared that the government should have raised the wages and pensions of the workers at least 30% wherein the workers employed in the private industries sector and trade were being paid monthly paltry pension of Rs.6500/- PM. He, therefore, demanded to the Prime Minister of Pakistan to raise wages and pensions of the workers employed in the public and private sectors in the proposed budget including in the provincial government commensurate with price hike, so that, they may maintain themselves.