ISLAMABAD- As ‘kulfi falooda’ is one of the most popular chilled traditional desserts in the country, the sweltering summer brings additional business for its vendors and shopkeepers to earn double.

Falooda is a very popular sweet and cold dessert that contains variety of ingredients. It is a modified form of a Persian non-liquid sweet dish known as ‘faloodeh’.

A seasoned kulfi maker said, “People come here from far away to enjoy the treat during summer”.

Rabri or rabri falooda is another popular version of falooda in the country, a shopkeeper said. Falooda is made of khoya, vermicelli and sweet syrup, he explained, adding that falooda is served as an ice-cream sundae float, rabri falooda or kulfi falooda with various additions such as sabja seeds, almonds, jelly, fruits, kesar, rose water, and so on.

Another vendor said that Falooda could be served in a big glass with ice cream with ingredients visibly layered. This makes falooda look colourful and visually appealing. Falooda can also be served in a bowl or in a plate with kulfi, he added.

Falooda is very good for cancer patients as it cleans stomach, said Dr Zain Umair. One glass of rabri a day is beneficial for boosting blood cells in a dengue patient, a medical expert said.

“What is unique is the fact that kulfi is made of sheep milk, which is the most suitable kind of milk as it infuses very good and unique taste into the kulfi,” a vendor said.

“Nowadays, most kulfis are made from buffalo milk, but some of them have followed the traditional sheep milk formula”, he noted.

“Kulfi Falooda is a delicious, cooling and refreshing delight, I love to enjoy my summer season with this tasty dessert,” a citizen Rayan Zubair said.