During the recently concluded Eid holidays, I had the occasion to travel on the motorway M2. There was a lot of traffic, and what was impeding the smooth flow of traffic, was the presence of slow-moving cars, travelling merrily along in the centre lane at speeds well below the speed limit.

I have observed that in many foreign countries, slow traffic is only allowed in the left lane and even for this lane there is a minimum speed limit. However, in Pakistan, car divers somehow carry the impression that they are forbidden from driving in the left lane, even if the cars are cranky and old and can’t drive at normal motorway speed. The presence of such cars in the middle lane is a hazard to the safe flow of traffic, but somehow the motorway police remain oblivious to this hazard.

Now that traffic on our motorways is growing by the year, may I request the NHA and motorway police to take a fresh look at this problem and find an amicable solution.


Islamabad, June 10.