MULTAN-Veteran politician Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has said that the rulers are carrying out vindictive actions against opposition under the guise of accountability.

Talking to the media here on Saturday, Hashmi claimed that both politics and economy could not progress until vindictive actions continued in the country. He said that the masses should not expect any good from the rulers.

Referring to the budget, he said that the government turned into a butcher by announcing this budget. “It’s for the first time that tax has been imposed on labourers like barbers, tailors and washmen,” he regretted. He said that the governments are supposed to protect poor sections of the society but it is the first government that is killing the poor. He said that the government is bent upon snatching even last bite from the people instead of giving out something.

He claimed that all the claims made by the government and rulers regarding South Punjab province have turned out false. He added that nothing was done to create the province except for making the people fool.

Earlier, addressing the faithful at the 828th Urs of Makhdoom Abdul Rasheed Haqqani, he said that the saints won the hearts of the people with love. He added that the saints introduced Islam to this area as a result of which hundreds of thousands of non-Muslims embraced Islam.


Deputy Commissioner (DC) Aamir Khattak on Saturday kicked off a five-day anti-polio campaign in the district by administering anti-polio vaccine to a child here at Shahbaz Sharif Hospital.

After the inauguration, the DC said that all possible resources would be utilized for success of the anti- polio campaign. He informed that more than 0.8 million children under five years of age would be vaccinated against the crippling disease during the campaign.

He urged the parents to cooperate with vaccinators to protect their children from the crippling disease. Later, a walk was also organised to create awareness among masses about the importance of giving children anti-polio drops.

The regular three-day anti-polio drive would be started from June 17; however, the campaign has been launched before the announced date to meet the target.


With a view to identify ghost employees, the Multan Waste Management Company (MWMC) has launched biometric verification of its employees.

MWMC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Amer Hassan Qureshi conducted biometric verification of more than 2,100 employees here at Qasim Fort Park on Saturday. He monitored the attendance of each employee through the latest IRIS system.

Speaking on the occasion, Qureshi said the latest attendance system had been installed to identify the ghost employees which were receiving salaries without going to work.

MWMC Manager (Operations) Dawood Makki, Manager (Procurement) Aleem Khan, Manager (HR) Muqarrab and other senior officers were also present.