LAHORE : The Professionals Academy of Commerce (PAC) has partnered with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) to assist deserving TCF Alumni pursue a career in accountancy. PAC will help TCF Alumni undertake studies in the field of accountancy by providing financial aid up to Rs 5 million, the scholarship will cover the tuition fee as well as cost of the books. Under the partnership, PAC will provide admission to five TCF alumni every year for a complete course of Chartered Accountancy.

In 2018-19, TCF revealed its latest fact sheet where the number of students that have successfully completed their matric stands at 28,876. Eighty-eight percent of TCF alumni have gone to college and 71% are gainfully employed.  “TCF wants to help more alumni to have an opportunity of gaining tertiary education in their field of choice. Our partnership with The Professionals Academy of Commerce will help aspiring accountants from TCF get a step closer to their dreams. We are humbled by PAC’s readiness in supporting TCF alumni. And I am certain that this initiative will bring a truly meaningful positive difference on the community level. In many ways, it will create a level playing field and lead to a more balanced society,” said Riaz Kamlani, EVP, TCF.