KARACHI   -   Excessive power loadshedding and shortage of potable water have unfolded severe issues for the residents of Karachi under the scorching heat of summer with mercury lingering between 39 to 41 degrees Celsius.

Locals of Malair, Shah Faisal, Laundi, Korangi, Liaquat Abad, Zaman Abad, Awami Colony, Mansehra Colony, Future Colony, several areas of Lyari New Karachi, Laundi, Labor Square are worried over announced and unannounced power cuts.

Duration of unannounced load shedding has been increased in North Karachi, Sarjani and Orangi Town.

On the other hand, people of Karachi were also worried due to suspension of water supply as power of Dhabeji pumping station could not be restored.

Provision of water to Karachi from Dhabeji is suspended till yet. City could not be provided more than 100 million gallons of water. Electricity supply to pumping station has not been restored so far after fire eruption in the grid station of K-electric. Work on restoration of power supply is underway.

Minister for Power Umar Ayub has said that the claim of low gas pressure is wrong and against the record.

We have given approval of 150 mega watts of power for Karachi. Supply is not possible due to lack of system in K-electric. K-Electric will have to bring betterment in its system.