ISLAMABAD - President Dr Arif Alvi on Mon­day informed the victim fam­ilies, who lost their near and dear ones in the tragic PIA plane crash in Karachi last month, that the government had promised to make the inquiry report pub­lic and hopefully by June 22.

In a series of tweets after hold­ing conversation with members of every victim family, the Pres­ident said that “The report will not provide closure, but at least such accidents may be prevent­ed in the future.”

The president expressing his deep grief and pain over the tragic accident said he called ev­ery family of the PIA plane crash victims to offer his condolence and shared their heartbreaking realities.

Many pleaded that ‘we have lost our near and dear ones and we believe that it was Allah’s will, but a fair inquiry should be com­pleted very soon and that the re­sponsibility should be fixed” the president further posted while quoting a part of their conversa­tion.

“I heard of newlyweds who died, of children still to be born in some families who have been orphaned before birth, of par­ents, brothers and sisters who were martyred, and in a few cas­es where entire families were wiped out. Such were the sto­ries of deep anguish and sad­ness that I heard,” he added.

President Alvi further posted that he had been able to attend the Namaz-e-Janaza of two mar­tyrs of the tragedy but he could not have imagined the sorrow until he communicated with each family.

The people, he said, cried on the phone and so did he. “May Allah grant mercy to the Sha­heed and give strength to their kith and kin left behind on this earth,” he added.

He observed that despite modern ability of DNA sam­pling, the struggle to identify the dead bodies and the time it took had its own pain.

“Parents recalled their young sons & daughters, even little children, who embraced shaha­dat. Surviving offspring shed­ding tears for their elders who died. Sole bread earners lost in this tragedy and the families were worried about life tomor­row,” the president said while sharing their ongoing agonies.

Sharing further details of his conversation with the bereaved families, he said many of them complained about the system, the government, as well as the media, but most of them appre­ciated the help provided by the PIA, by the government, and the concern shown by the elect­ed representatives and officials who visited them and tried to help and sort out their issues.