Animal abuse refers to the neglect and cruelty inflicted upon animals. If the owner of an animal does not provide the necessary food, facilities, and vaccination required for the safety and wellbeing of the animal, it shall be classified as neglect and cruelty, and therefore would be a form of animal abuse.

According to research, acts of cruelty towards animals are indications of deep mental disturbance and a psychological imbalance. Research in psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty towards animals often translate these acts towards human beings in the form of violence. An FBI agent responsible for developing profiles for serial killers stated that murders often start with the killing and torturing of animals as kids.

In Pakistan, there exist no stringent laws to condemn animal abuse. A few months before the coronavirus started to spread, many poultry farmers threw their chickens in wells and rivers due to fears of a loss of profits. This cruelty towards chickens is not an isolated incident, so too have such instances occurred with dogs, cows, and other animals. Dog fights in rural areas are an example of this cruelty.

In the Pakistan, PAWS, BROOKE, PGFA and many other foundations along with NGO’s are working for the welfare and safety of animals within the country, but so too should the government enforce strict laws against animal cruelty. This is a matter of pressing concern and one that should be corrected immediately if what studies of criminology and psychology assert, prove to be true.