ISLAMABAD - French authorities and media have lauded the quality reusable face masks, bearing the tag of ‘Made in Pakistan, imported by leading compa­nies to cater to the growing demand of people to protect themselves from COVID-19 pandemic in France.

After the spread of coronavirus in France, the demand for the face masks and other protective equipment multi­plied and French firms were unable to meet the demand in time.

Orders were placed outside and no­tably a company in Rezé and another in Montluçon that specialises in pro­fessional clothing consulted manufac­turers in Pakistan, “everyone saw the words ‘Made in Pakistan’ on the labels,” reported leading French newspaper Ouest France.

The paper reported that the masks had arrived in residents’ mailboxes, wrapped in pretty plastic bags.

The quality cloth masks, washable and reusable for fifty times, made according to Afnor norms, were ordered by the re­gion of Saint Nazaire.

It was also reported that two masks were given to each resident and a total of 280,000 masks were distributed.

The French daily said although the local authorities turned to French companies listed for the quality of their products and services and their ability to respect deadlines.

But as the orders exceeded the produc­tion capacities of French suppliers who subcontracted the orders to places where production is both quick and inexpensive.

Pakistan’s in time response to cater the French residents’ demand of face masks was widely obliged by the health authori­ties and local media.