Lakki marwat            -           Deputy Commissioner Abdul Haseeb yesterday paid visits to Zeran and other rural localities on Monday to check progress of locust control operation. Assistant Commissioner Nadir Shahzad Khan also accompanied him.

On the occasion, District Director Abdul Qayyum briefed the deputy commissioner about the locust elimination operation and said that the agriculture department workers had completed pesticides spray over 11000 acre land in six union councils of the district.

He said that mature locusts had been eliminated with the help of sprayer machines while adult ones would be destroyed in the next one week.

The deputy commissioner appreciated the agriculture experts and officials for successful locust control operation and said that the district administration with support of army and agriculture department had saved crops and agricultural fields from locust infestation by launching timely action.

“The administration with the support of other stakeholders has cleared 90 percent of the area of locust invasion while the flying insects on the remaining area will be eliminated in the next one week”, he claimed.

Meanwhile, the district administration intensified its efforts to ensure implementation on Covid-19 related standard operating procedures (SOPs) by traders and citizens issued by the government to contain the pandemic.

Deputy Commissioner Abdul Haseeb visited parts of Lakki and Naurang towns to check observance of relevant protocols and precautionary measures. Assistant Commissioner Nadir Shahzad Khan and additional assistant commissioner Aminullah Khan also accompanied him.

Haseeb distributed masks among citizens especially traders, drivers and youths and called upon them to wear masks during outdoor activities.

He asked the people to avoid wandering in bazaars unnecessarily and stay indoors to keep themselves and their family members from being affected by the infection.

“People should wear masks when they leave their homes for doing any urgent work”, he maintained, adding that implementation of all relevant precautionary measures by citizens will help to control the Coronavirus pandemic.

He also directed businessmen to wear masks and display banners highlighting measures about usefulness of masks on entrance of their outlets. “The traders should not allow customers without wearing masks to enter their business places for shopping”, he added.