MIRPUR - Since the out­break of the COVID-19 in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, the influx of the donations, in different forms, mostly the equipment, into the state-run health facilities in var­ious parts of AJK including the Mirpur Divisional Headquarter Teaching Hospital, is constantly in full swing, from the donors includ­ing the reputed NGOs, as part of their share for the recovery of the patients hit by the pandemic.

The precious medical equip­ment landed so far in the state-run health facilities including the Mirpur DHQ hospital include high­ly-sophisticated ventilators, X-ray machines, C-PAP machines and various other type of required hospital appliances for treatment of coronavirus patients besides other supplementary diseases.

Dr Farooq Ahmed said this on the eve of receiving the C-PAP (Contin­uous Positive Airway Proem) ma­chine for the patients of respira­tory failure, donated by Dr Riaz Ahmed, President of the Al-Kh­idmat Foundation, Azad Jammu Kashmir, the world-fame NGO, at the DHQ Hospital here on Monday.

Talking to APP on the occasion, Dr Noor said that the equipment was primarily needed for treatment of the potential patients of breath­ing during emergency. He said that in this ongoing regime of the pan­demic, the C-PAP equipment would meet the immediate need of oxy­gen for the patients reaching at the accidents and emergency depart­ment of the hospital – including the suspected COVID-19 patients.

President of the Al-Khidmat Foundation Azad Jammu and Kash­mir Dr Riaz Ahmed told this corre­spondent that his organization has donated the same equipment to various state-run hospitals in La­hore as well as in Bhimbher Dis­trict HQ hospital under the spirit of contributing their due share for the early recovery and rehabilitation of the ailing humanity especially at the present stage the pandemic of coro­navirus has caused panic in various parts of the world including Paki­stan and Azad Jammu Kashmir.