Two games have become very popular during the pandemic as people around the world find alternate ways to entertain themselves. Player Unknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG) is an astounding game, but many users have reported the game crashing. This can be a frustrating predicament which results in automatic defeat. An abundance of gamers have reported their games crashing, with the count rising to six in a single day.

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic has confined people to their houses. One of the most popular board games that have kept people diligent at this time is Ludo King. In fact, the digital version of Ludo has given tough competition to PUBG Mobile in terms of a fan following and number of users. Ludo King is played just like the physical game, where the player rolls the dice and moves their token according to the number on the dice. Ludo’s popularity has risen greatly these days and if one is looking for a good pass time, this is your best bet.