ISLAMABAD             -     Chaudhary Usman, a prominent social figure and Chairman Green Inspire Foundation(G.I.F) has said that peace of every kind lies in the service of humanity and our prime objective is also to serve the mankind round the clock.

Talking to this scribe, he said that initially I have started this welfare project in the Ghouri Town, a suburb of federal capital Islamabad. Later, it will be started in other areas like Ghouri Town phase 1 and Bagh, a district of Azad Jammu & Kashmir.  Responding to a question, ChaudhryUsman said that currently, G.I.F consists of 70 staff members including qualified doctors team, well-trained nurses and other paramedical staff which provide free treatment facilities to needy, poor and deprived persons of the area.

Talking abouthis family background, he said that he belongs to a middle-class family. I firmly believe on hard work and service of humanity. Allah Almighty would give you highest reward of this sacred duty in this world and hereafter. I have ever taken keen interest in welfare activities since my childhood adding that I want to eradicate the sense of deprivation in the society. I have observed that condition of healthcare facilities in our society is not satisfactory so I have decided to provide these facilities to poor and needy persons without any charges.

He further said that ambulance service of G.I.F have been registered under section 42 of Companies Act 2017.This ambulance service is provided to needy and poor people free of cost. ChaudhryUsman said that medical treatment of the people is totally free even the registration fee from patients is not received.Medicines prescribed by the doctors to patients are provided free. Every visitor/patient can utilise the services including ambulance service provided by the G.I.F.

It is worth-mentioning here that only C.N.I.C photocopy of the patient is received against all these facilities which include doctor consultancy, free medication and ambulance service (if needed). 

He added that currently G.I.F has six ambulances and the number is being increased with the passage of time. These ambulances are well-equipped with stat of the art facilities including first aid kit and oxygen cylinder to face any kind of emergency.

Talking about the precautionary measures initiated by the G.I.F regarding coronavirus, the chairman GIF said that our organisation has launched an awareness campaign about this virus on print, electronic and social media.

Besides this, the relief teams of G.I.F have distributed food bags among people during lockdown.

Responding to another question, he said that currently we are resolving the health-related issues adding that G.I.F has also signed memorandum of understanding with various government and private hospitals so that we may shift the critical patients in these hospitals for better treatment. 

Talking about the financial matters of the G.I.F, he said that our organisation does not receive any kind of donation. As chairman, I provide all funds to run the business of this foundation.

Highlighting the performance of the organisation, he said that we have provided free of cost treatment facilities to approximately 1 lac patients and more than 5000 critical patients were shifted to other hospitals for better treatment.

Replying to a question about future projects of G.I.F, he said that future plans of the G.I.F include extension of basic health centres in various areas of the city, extension of ambulance service and establishment of hospitals, schools and vocational training centres in all over the country.  The major objective of these projects is to create nice community and healthy society to face the future challenges with courage and boldness.

In his message for citizens of Pakistan, ChaudhryUsman said that everyone in the society should encourage and give moral support to persons who are engaged in welfare activities and try their best to promote their mission and activities to achieve the will of Allah Almighty.