KARACHI            -         Sindh Governor Imran Ismail participated in the campaign of distributing masks among the people and shopkeepers in Zainab Market area of Karachi on behalf of Tiger Force.

Speaking on the occasion, the Governor of Sindh also commended the workers of Tiger Force and said that the Tiger Force formed on the directives of the Prime Minister Imran Khan which was working hard in this difficult situation, said a statement.

The Governor said that the Tiger Force should inform everyone that wearing surgical mask to protect against coronavirus. The Tiger Force has a key role to play in different steps to protect the public from the coronavirus, he said.

People in the bazaars have to wear face masks and ensure social distancing, he added.

Imran Ismail said that the entire nation has to take precautionary measures against coronavirus as social distance, surgical masks and other precautionary measures could help contain the further spread of coronavirus.

He said that in this difficult time, we all have to show responsibility. The Prime Minister Imran Khan stood on the front line against the coronavirus and in line with his vision, the Prime Minister was pursuing a uniform policy across the country, he added.

He said that lockdown was not possible in the whole country at once and we have to live with this virus and protect ourselves from it.

He said that today, the whole world was recognizing that lockdown not the solution to the problem.

He said that we should not be feared from coronavirus but it should be fought only with precaution.

Imran Ismail said that the Federal government was cooperating in every possible way to protect the medical staff in Sindh from the coronavirus. In this difficult time, the medical staff was standing on the front line and the government was standing by them, he added.

Later, talking to the media, the Sindh Governor said that the Tiger Force has started its service in Sindh by providing free masks to the buyers and shopkeepers.

Responding to a question, the Sindh Governor said that the number of Tiger Force in Sindh is 156,000 and after refusal by the Sindh government to take the services of this force, the Sindh Governor has been made incharge of it in the province while Tiger Force in other three provinces was working under the government.

Speaking about complaints of overbilling by private hospitals, the Sindh Governor said the matter would be thoroughly investigated and action would be taken against such private medical institutions if found guilty.

Health professionals continue their protest, boycott

OPDs across Sindh

 The OPDs patients had to suffer as doctors, nurses and paramedics staff of Sindh under the banner Grand Health Alliance (GHA) completely boycotted the OPDs and general wards. They are demanding high risk allowance and provision of PPEs.

The health professionals at Dr Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital Karachi, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, National Institute of Child Health, Sindh Government Lyari General Hospital, Sindh Government Hospital Liaquatabad, Sindh Government Hospital Qatar Hospital and others districts hospital’s the city boycotted the OPDs  and general wards.

Central Leader of Young Nurses Association Aijaz Ahmed Kaleri said doctors, nurses and paramedics of Karachi hold a mega protest at Karachi Press Club on Tuesday (today) while healthcare workers of Hyderabad, Sukkur, Nawabshah, Larkana and others cities would continue protest in the premises of their hospitals. 

He said Sindh government has compelled health professionals to boycott OPDs and general wards duties due its traditional apathy.