DADU           -          Holding Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) responsible for the gas shortage in the city, people here have said that the company officials are creating artificial shortage of the gas in order to cover the line losses.

According to a survey conducted by this correspondent, consumers like Saeed Dawach, Mohammad Ismail, Behzad Ali, Mushraf Shah and others complained that Sui gas’s shortage had been created deliberately to cover the line losses and gas stealing.

They further said that they were unable to cook meal and breakfast due to low gas pressure, and that, too, in these times of coronavirus.

They lamented that they had complained to the concerned officers several times, but to no avail.

The consumers warned of launching a protest campaign against the SSGC officials, if the same situation persisted.

They demanded the federal government and director general SSGC to take immediate notice of their grievances and resolve the issue without any delay.

They also demanded an impartial inquiry into the gas crisis so that those responsible could be handed down exemplary punishment.