LAHORE - The much-hyped Basant turned into a low-key event on Sunday with the long march remaining the talk of the town as thousands of people from all walks of lives came out on roads to support lawyers movement. The participation of the major political party, the PML-N, gave a new life to the lawyers movement while the main cultural event in the City miserably failed to divert the Lahorites attention from the issue of reinstatement of deposed judges and independence of judiciary. The relaxation of ban on kite-flying did nothing except taking lives of three innocent citizens including a seven-year-old girl and injuries to over 50 people in the City. The Punjab Government, allowed Basant and relaxed ban on kite-flying for two days, March 14-15, to avert the attention of Lahorites from long march and stop them from participating in the lawyers movement. The government strategy failed to stop the people from coming out on roads as Lahorites showed more interest in long march than celebrating Basant. "It proves another miscalculation on the part of the government. The Lahorites know the reasons behind relaxation of ban on kite-flying. The long marchers had nothing to do with Basant. The overwhelming participation of people including women and children has sent a clear message to the government that they are aware of the prevailing situation and no one can avert their attention from the current issues," said Naseer Ahmed, a political activist belonging to the PML-N, adding, the independence of judiciary and not kite-flying is the concern of the citizens.