LAHORE - Telenor had the last laugh in the narrowly contested (7-5) final of the A and A Pakistan Cup Polo tournament at the Lahore Polo Club's picturesque Aibak ground on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Runners-up HSBC Bank led the scoreboard 5-4 by the closing stages of the penultimate chukker before Telenor launched a spirited comeback and hit three goals in a row to claim the title. The crowd and polo fans cheered the professional display from both the teams and quite surprisingly, there was only a solitary goal converted off an undefended 30-yarder. With the exception of a single spot penalty, all other goals were field goals -all of them converted adroitly. It was Sufi Muhammad Aamir who opened the match with two field goals - first by solo efforts and then through a long-lofted shot and HSBC were two goals ahead. James Harper took it all on his own and via a solo effort Telenor were in the fray. Hissam Ali Hyder displayed his prowess with an exquisite field goal after a long chase and now HSBC were 3-1 ahead. Telenor made a steady comeback in the second chukker with Agha Murtaza Ali Khan and James Harper scoring a goal apiece - both scored off solo efforts. In the four-goal third chukker, both the teams converted a couple each giving the HSBC a slight edge. Soon after the chukker started, Sufi Muhammad Aamir pounced on a pass from Saqib Khakwani and gave HSBC the lead it desperately needed. James Harper scored a spot penalty near the goalpost and Saqib Khakwani avenged with a field goal. But when the umpires awarded a 30-yard penalty to Telenor, James Harper scored it and it was now five-all when the third chukker ended. Just when they needed extra effort, HSBC failed to impress and Telenor came up with two top quality field goals form young Hamza Mawaz Khan and James Harper. Hassan Ali Farrukh and John Fisher officiated the match. Earlier in the subsidiary final, Military Farms Group beat Royal Palm/Punjab Police 6-5. Hassan Ali Farrukh served as umpire. In the end, Peter Swift from JK Dairies awarded prizes among the winners. Teams: Telenor: Hamza Mawaz Khan, Agha Murtaza Ali Khan, James Harper, Kashif Jamal. HSBC Bank: Sufi Muhammad Aamir, Saqib Khan Khakwani, Hissam Ali Hyder, Sufi Muhammad Haris. Military Farms Group: Maj Mashud, Omar Asjad Malhi, Lt Col Asif Zahoor, Raja Arsalan Najeeb. Royal Palm/Punjab Police: SSP Waseem Sial, Ashfaq Ahmad, John Fisher, Malik Azam Hayat Noon.