JULIA Roberts said she would not have believed the career she has enjoyed when she made Pretty Woman nearly 20 years ago. At a press conference in London for her new steamy corporate spy movie Duplicity, which reunites her with actor Clive Owen, the 41-year-old actress was asked what the Roberts of 1990 would have made of her career. She said: "Well, I wouldn't have believed it. I still barely do, truthfully. "I'm so fortunate, continually fortunate that I keep coming upon these smart, interesting creative people who pick me. It's just stupendous." Asked whether there was advice Roberts would have dished out to herself back then, she replied: "No, I think I made really solid decisions. I would stand by them all over again." The Oscar-winning mother-of-three was asked if she felt she had deserted her career and was now back. She said: "I don't but I guess a lot of you do. I just think it's sweet. I think you missed me." She said she did not feel that she was leading a double life as an actress and a mother, saying: "No, it's not separated like that. They're both truly ingrained in my spirit and who I am so it's all one thing to me. Life." The world premiere of Duplicity also took place last week, among cheering fans. It reunites Roberts and Owen for the first time since 2004, when they starred in the Oscar-nominated Closer.