ISLAMABAD - Central leader of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) Javed Hashmi was arrested by police when he was coming out of Islamabad Bar after addressing the lawyers there on Sunday. Heavy contingent of police besieged him and showed him his detention orders. Hashmi refused to accept the orders and police did allow him to move from the scene but after the dispersion of the lawyers, he was arrested forcefully. It is relevant to mention here that some policemen showed reluctance to arrest him forcefully. A policeman misbehaved with Hashmi and the latter thrashed him. Later, Hashmi was shifted to Shalimar Police Station. Lawyers and PML-N workers strongly condemned his arrest and clashed with police. SP Rashid Khalid said that Hashmi would be house arrested, as his three-day detention orders had been issued. Earlier, addressing at Islamabad Bar, Hashmi said the flood of masses would sweep away Asif Ali Zardari and his containers, adding the rulers had turned the entire country into a jail. President Islamabad District Court Niazullah Khan Niazi said, "We are peaceful and will remain peaceful." He stressed the government to remove all barricades in the way of peaceful long march. He was determined that lawyers wouldn't sit peaceful until the restoration of deposed judiciary.