LAHORE - Three minors died while over 50 other people mostly children were injured in the kite-flying festival of Basant in the City here Sunday. Condition of more than a dozen injured admitted to different public and private hospitals was reported to be critical. Chemical coated string slit opened the throat of a minor girl on Ferozpur Road while she was going on a motorcycle with her parents. A 10-year-old boy died after a stray bullet hurt him fatally near Landa Bazar. Another 14-year-old boy died after falling down from the rooftop while flying kite. At least 35 children were rushed to the hospitals with severe head injuries after they fell down from rooftops. More than a dozen other people also including some minors were injured due to the aerial firing on Basant. Several others got injured when strings of stray kites fell on them while they were heading towards their destinations on two-wheelers. According to the details, a minor girl namely Mira, 8, was sitting in front on a motorbike along with her father and mother. They were returning to their home at Ichhra after meeting with a relative near airport. As soon as they reached the Ferozepur Road, a chemical coated string of a stray kite cut the jugular vein of the minor girl who later fell in the arms of her father. Safdar, father of the deceased, lost his senses for a while when he found his daughter critically hurt and lost control on the bike which later bumped into a footpath. They also sustained minor injuries. They, however, immediately called Rescue 1122 officials for aid. The injured girl was rushed to the Services Hospital but to no avail as she had died on the way. Her death landed like a bombshell on the family and other relatives who started cursing the higher authorities for giving permission to celebrate basant. In another incident, Zainul Abidin, son of a street vendor, Asim Hussain, left his Brandreth Road residence for a local market along with his maternal uncle. The minor received critical injury when a stray bullet pierced into his chest near Landa Bazar. Many youngsters were enjoying basant by aerial firing by that time. Zain was immediately rushed to the Mayo Hospital by his uncle but died on the way. Umar Shafqat, a resident of Haji Pura near Shafi Park fell down from the roof of his house while flying kite and sustained critical head injuries. He was rushed to the Mayo Hospital but breathed his last before reaching the hospital. The others who received injuries of stray bullets due to aerial firing during the basant day include Rahim of Samanabad, Zafar and Zahid of Ichhra, Akbar of Samanabad, Naveed Sahir of Shalimar, Nawab Khan of Mori Gate, Wajid of Babanpura, Umar Farooq of Begum Pura, Tariq Pervez of Dharampura, Muhammad Rizwan of Bara Sanda, Imran of Kacha Ravi Road, and Numan hailing from Karim Park.