LARKANA - Provincial Minister for Law and President District Bar Association Larkana Mohammed Ayaz Soomro on Sunday said that the few political leaders and anti-democratic advocate fraternity were spreading hatred and conspiracy against the present democratic government. He said this when he was talking to the media men here at DBA office. He said the few of the narrow minded political groups and advocates protesting only for one person, who already have taken three times oath on PCO, further added that the struggle of advocates will create conspiracies and disagreement among the people of country, hence no any one be allowed to take lawn in their hands and law & order will be maintained at any cost. The Minister said that the political groups and advocates are responsible of all damages and there is no any justification to political parties to evolve in the long march and break the law and damages the properties, he said. He said some political elements were continuing trying to de-stabilize the present democratic system and it is duty of current government to protect the assets of country and maintain law and order, he said. Ayaz Soomro said the parliament is the place and independent institution where the decisions would be made and the amendment in the constitution will be according to the majority of members not decided on the roads and streets to break the law and damage the properties he said. On the occasion, advocates Abdul Hamid Bhurgari, PPP General Secretary Mohammed Anwer Bhutto, Taluk Nazim Yasir Junjejo, Khair Mohammed Shaikh, Barkat Ali Shaikh, Saleem Ahmed Soomro, Abdul Ghani Jatoi and others were also present.