LAHORE - All the strategies to contain the long march and stop Nawaz Sharf to mount a big show failed due to lack of coordination among the senior police officers to maintain the law and order situation in the City. The way the newly posted CCPO handled the situation raised many eyebrows among the political and bureaucratic circles. It seemed he was unable to manage the command of police force. No less than 15,000 policemen took over the City from Saturday night to Sunday morning. These policemen remained present at GPO and clashed with the lawyers. It seemed that the police had received the instructions to engage and disperse the crowd. But the situation took a different turn surprisingly when Nawaz Sharif left his Model Town residence along with a big crowd of his party workers. The whole security paraphernalia laid to check the forward movement of the marchers became irrelevant. As the PML-N rally led by Nawaz Sharif started from Model Town, it seemed the administration also started rolling back all the security measures when the barricades and heavy trawlers placed on the Ferozpur Road by the police were removed instantly to allow the procession to proceed. A senior police officer told this scribe seeking anonymity that the security was withdrawn or relaxed after the information of Nawaz's defying the detention orders came out to lead the rally. Perhaps for the first time, City police's high command found resistance from the junior staff to carry out their orders. The morale of the police force was also low when they heard the rumours of resignations of their superiors including DIG and SSP Operations and an SP. Later it was found that these reports were baseless. Two SPs were also thrashed by the mob that further demoralised the police force. Although the City police had made comprehensive and intensive security arrangements to block the agitation but ultimately retreated after three hours of intensive violence that injured dozens of protestors and policemen also. The City police's top brass which had shown their firm determination in a high level emergency meeting held a day before the Sunday's mega event to give 'exemplary lesson' to the marchers, revised security strategy and removed the hurdles without any order from the top. Hide and seek between the law enforcement agencies, political workers and lawyers was important event of the City. Political workers and other people dodged policemen deployed on all the main and small arteries of the City and successfully reached The Mall in a large number. The CCPO Lahore, DIG Operations, SSP Operations and the SPs who had come on The Mall to supervise the whole event were standing helpless in front of the State Bank. The City police including elite force and mohafiz squad officials were deployed at all the main squares, pickets and roads leading to The Mall. All the roads were blocked for all kinds of traffic by placing heavy trawlers, trucks and buses loaded with sands. The City was presenting a deserted look from early morning to 11:00am due to intensive security arrangements as nobody even pedestrians and motorcyclists were allowed to come on the road.