Karachi - Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), silently noticing the fast developing situation in the national politics as the long march fever has reached its pinnacle, has suddenly dropped a bombshell on Sunday night announcing that they would part ways with the Federal and Sindh governments in next 48 hours if the provincial govt would not take notice of the abusive and disgusting language used along with slogans chanted against Sindh and its people during the long march rally in Lahore. According to a Press release, the decision to this effect was taken in a joint meeting of the London and Pakistan Coordination Committees. It stated the meeting noted that the participants of the long march in Lahore chanted repulsive and filthy slogans against the land of Sindh and its citizens, which would not be acceptable at any cost and urged the provincial govt to take serious notice of the matter. The members of Coordination Committee decided unanimously that if Sindh Govt would not take notice of the abusive, humiliating and dreadful language used against the Sindh and its people, the MQM would have no option but to end its alliance at the federal and provincial levels with the ruling party. The decision has been sent to MQM Chief Altaf Hussain for his final approval, press statement added.