KARACHI - Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain on Sunday said that Taliban encircled the metropolis but we would not allow them to destroy the girl schools in Karachi. He claimed that Taliban outfit encircled the metropolis from their seminaries in Karachi, where not a single student was belonged from the metropolis. All the students belonged to the tribal areas. Addressing the three days convention of MQM at Virginia State, United States in connection of MQM silver jubilee celebrations, he said MQM was the only liberal organisation, secular and enlightened party in the country which was against the religious hatred and extremism in the country. In a statement issued on Sunday, he said that MQM was striving for the political system for the people of the country not the feudalism-based political system. He claimed that MQM was the basic allied party of the United States and government of Pakistan on war on terror. He said that MQM was struggling for the elimination of the ages old feudal system and for the rights of oppressed people of the country. Altaf hoped that the day would come, when the MQM would eliminate the corrupt feudal system from the country and will make the system where every people have equal rights without any discrimination of colour, caste, sect, religion, and beliefs and they will perform their religious practices without any fear. "The day will come when the MQM will defeat the Taliban from Karachi as well as in Sindh and eliminate the sectarianism and terrorism from the country," he added. He appealed to the people of various communities present on the convention to support the MQM for spreading the party's message in every part of the country and foiled the negative propaganda against the MQM.