Muslim League-N leader, Mian Shahbaz Sharif said that the sacrifices of the people have borne the fruits, as the judiciary's sun has dawned, for which, the entire lawyers community across the country deserves compliments. Talking to media at the airport here in Lahore, Mian Shahbaz Sharif said that all the lawyers across the country and all political workers who participated in this movement deserve compliments, as by the grace of God all the demands of the nation have been fulfilled. Shahbaz Sharif said that President Zardari at the outset didn't listen, "But if the one missing in the morning comes back home in the evening, then he isn't called missing," he remarked. He said that the people were happy on the restoration of judiciary, the sun of justice has dawned today and national aspirations would be fulfilled. He vowed not wasting this defining moment of history. When quizzed on Governor's rule, Shabaz Sharif said, "Our aim was to get the judiciary restored, Nawaz and he doesn't want anything." He said that matters relating to Governor's rule and disqualification would also be soon resolved.