KARACHI - Cooperation between CDGK and Sindh government is proving beneficial for the future of education in the metropolis and should be supported in other parts of the province, said the Adviser to Chief Minister Sindh, Sharmila Farooqui. She paid surprise visit on Saturday to CDGK-run SITE Model School, developed by CMIS, and hoped that cooperation between the CDGK and Sindh government in education sector would change the destiny of poor masses when such type of projects would run across the province. She was accompanied by Chairperson of Committee for Monitoring and Improvement of CDGK Schools (CMIS), Farhana Iqbal, Chairman, Social Reforms Committee of Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Muhammad Siddique Shaikh, Acting Nazim SITE Town, Badshah Khan, EDO Education Muhammad Ibrahim Kambhar, Representative of Hinopak Clerita, Nausheen Shahzad, Farnaz, DO Elementary and others. Lauding the efforts of City Nazim Mustafa Kamal, Sharmila said that the City government was doing a marvellous job by revolutionising the education sector and an unbelievable change had been brought in the CDGK-run schools which are being developed under the Pilot project scheme in various towns. These schools were unable to get too much consideration of the parents regarding the education conditions, but now with the efforts of CDGK and Sindh government, it is to set examples at broader level and have earned great interest of the guardians for the quality education for their children. Sharmila was delighted that now the environment of the school has been changed and all civic facilities are available including computer lab, auditorium, library, health clinic with appointment of a lady doctor and necessary medicines are also available here. These facilities are not available in hundreds of those big private schools of the City where high fees are being charged, she said. She was of view that joint efforts of Sindh government and CDGK in education and health sector can change the destiny of poor masses of the province. Sharmila said that the system which was introduced by the City government in Karachi should be supported and implemented at provincial level also so that the people could get better facilities in health and education sector. Chairperson of CMIS, Farhana Iqbal, said that City Nazim Mustafa Kamal at one side improved the infrastructure of the City and conducted massive development works across the City, while on the other side he introduced the public private partnership in the education sector and developed CDGK-run schools. She said that the City government had presented an example by establishing model schools and education development centres at towns level. Farhana said that under the agreement between CDGK and FPCCI, the schools were fast developing under the Pilot Project and model school schemes. "The decision to this effect appearing in the shape that those schools have been developed are fully packed and parents of those localities where these schools have been established are thronged to get the admission for their children and this miracle has happened in just two to three years," she added. Muhammad Siddique Sheikh, the chairman of FPCCI Committee for Social Reforms, on this occasion said that the business community would continue to support government for improvement in the education sector and it would also provide all necessary resources for this. Representative of Hinopak, Clerita, appreciated the vision of City nazim for initiating such a project in education sector. She said that Hinopak would provide technical training facility to the students of 8th to 10th class in the field of motor mechanics. The selected students would also get jobs in Hinopak factory. EDO Education Muhammad Ibrahim Kambhar said that nazim was giving special attention to education sector and City government would implement all such projects under the partnership with private sector.