LAHORE - Chairman National Coordination Committee Aitzaz Ahsan has announced repeating the long march on Islamabad for staging dharna at the Conventional Avenue till object of the judges restoration is achieved. Talking to media minutes before his arrest under the PCO here Sunday, Aitzaz said millions of people would reach Islamabad the day siege is lifted on the Federal Capital. The whole country has been sealed leaving no road, no channel, even a chink to let the lawyers and activists reach Lahore to proceed further to Islamabad. Addressing Rahman Malik, he said how long he would continue to besiege the Federal Capital. "We have resolved to go to Islamabad at all costs on March 16, if not on that date, on March 17, on March 18, March 19, so on so forth if they continued to check our way." How many times would you stop us, he posed. He said despite all this, a large number of lawyers have reached here and if they are forced to stay back under police action and by the agency persons, marchers would next day take out the rally to Islamabad and this series would remain unabated. He said lawyers and marchers from other parts of the country, particularly from Multan, Quetta, Karachi and Sukkur, would again attempt to move to Lahore and then from here to Islamabad on every occasion. He asked for lifting containers restrictions placed on every side on the way to Lahore. Aitzaz felt sorry that his party government, which always believed in democratic norms, was regretfully denying the people of their democratic and constitutional rights. He also said with great pain that the country has been given loss of billions of the rupees by the authorities which impounded the containers with precious export items and placed on the road to barricade the marchers, which otherwise has to earn the country the much needed foreign exchange. He said they were determined to reach Islamabad and no one can step them. Aitzaz said with confidence that millions would reach the Constitutional Avenue the day siege is lifted on them. He said if they were stopped from proceedings to Islamabad today, they would daily come out to march on Islamabad and stage dharna at Constitutional Avenue. Responding to a question that the 'show' has been 'hijacked' by the political parties, he said, it was totally wrong impression and the participation of the political parties in their protest is for the reason, they realise fairness of their stand and need of an independent judiciary to the nation. He said Nawaz Sharif's commitment to the cause of independent judiciary is firm and unflinching for they all know unless judiciary is free, the country cannot come out of the problems galore. Aitzaz also recalled a huge gathering of PPP workers around his vehicle some moments ago who all were supporting the lawyers cause chanting 'Jiyey Bhutto' and 'Jiyey Benazir' slogans. He invited attention of the PPP leadership to the aspirations of the PPP workers and honour the promise made by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto to restore the judiciary. To a question on the invitation from the government to talk the issue, he said talks have already been held and now it was the matter of implementation which the government has to do by making the deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry and others functional.