The proclamation of revolt by Nawaz Sharif in a mammoth demonstration of his party in Lahore on March 6 is, indeed, a reflection of one thing for sure; he has been totally hoodwinked by the Machiavellian methods used by Mr. Zardari. Mr Zardari had notched up earlier successes on his way to assumption of the Presidency. He first placed a Prime Minister of his own choice in the system so that a puppet functionary could help him concentrate all power in the Presidency despite the idea being repugnant to the very concept of parliamentary system of governance. With the Speaker of the National Assembly from his party also a lady of his own choice, he managed to oust General Pervez Musharraf from the Presidency, albeit with full support from Nawaz Sharif and other allies. Now he is in a position to have the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Senate of his own too. The Sharif brothers have been well and truly stumped. All commitments made to them were rescinded when a kangaroo court was employed to disqualify them. The rightful judges have not been restored to their original positions of November 3, 2007, something that is tantamount to endorsing the totally illegal actions of Pervez Musharraf. After being constantly humiliated and harassed by the controversial Governor for months, Shahbaz Sharif was summarily dismissed from his job. The sense of betrayal in PML-N has at present reached to the point of intolerance. There is a limit to being deceived. The anger the Sharifs have exhibited in their rallies is justified but the country needs continuation of democracy. Zardari and his coterie must be tamed and made to respect mandate of the people. -SADIQ JAFRI, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, March 7.