DIOGENES It seems that former PM Shaukat Aziz, like a true banker, follows the money trail wherever it may lead him. Last week it led him to the richest of the petrodollar rich. SA was the keynote speaker at an investment conference in Abu Dhabi organised, as it happened, by an investment fund managed by a Pakistani. As he rubbed shoulders with the oil sheikhs, SA could not resist looking back and giving some words of advice to those trying to fix the economy at home. "I would not have entered the IMF programme had I been in Pakistan." Well, he is not, and has not been back since he left office and the economy is in a shambles. Surely a home visit is long overdue. * * * * * * * * * It seems that the government has taken the issue of containing the long march literally. Containers from the docks, and others transporting goods internally, were confiscated and installed as roadblocks along the Long March route to Constitution Avenue. Many traders were heard cribbing about their rice and other consignments being hijacked, and others about the problem they faced of meeting their export commitment. However one major icecream maker claimed that containers carrying his icecream were seized and last seen near Islamabad. The icecream melted in the heat but as the administration consoled him, this was all in the national interest. * * * * * * * * * Mian Nawaz Sharif needs no advice on getting his priorities right. He knows what to do when confronted with a situation where his erstwhile coalition partners are reluctant to honour their commitments. At a briefing for newspaper columnists at his Raiwind Estate he was in somber mood. But at the lunch the mouth-watering flavour of traditional lahori pilaoo was too tempting for him to let the waiter serve the guests without serving him first