ISLAMABAD - Twin girls born with conjoined head, a rare medical condition, were admitted at the Children Hospital, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Monday morning to be evaluated for separation surgery. Doctors at Children Hospital (PIMS) are planning to attempt to separate the 5-month old twin girls born connected at the head. Hailing from Sahiwall the minors were brought to PIMS and soon after their arrival, the hospital administration constituted a four-member surgeons team to undertake the children treatment. The team includes Dr Zaheer Abbasi, Dr Hameed-u-Deen, Dr Azra and Prof Khaleeq-u-Zaman. Pediatric Surgeon Dr Zaheer Abbasi is heading the team. The twins gained the countrywide popularity after their news was broadcast by private TV channels. It is then the Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal extended complete financial support for their treatment. Initially, Rs0.6 million were allocated for their treatment. While talking to TheNation Col Azra Paediatric Surgeon said, Initially baseline tests have been carried out to assess the childrens condition, whereas the essential tests would be performed today (Tuesday). According to doctors, the separation may carry many risks - including the possibility of brain damage, stroke or a deadly quantity of blood loss - but still the twins cannot continue to live in the present position. Without separation, the girls wont make it, said Dr Azra, the plastic surgeon and with separation its a high-risk operation. Not only is it awkward, but also their conjoined condition would lead to a variety of medical problems, she added. If the blood supply line is not separate then it would be really complicated, Dr Azra continued. At present, the doctors say that it appears the girls may share a small portion of brain matter. Meanwhile, Managing Director Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal Zamurd Khan has announced to bear all the treatment expenses of twin girls born with conjoined head in Sahiwal. Initial expenditure of their treatment was estimated about Rs 0.6 million, which the poor parents couldnt afford. Twins have been admitted in PIMS and are being looked after properly. Talking to media MD said that PBM owes an obligation to bear the treatment expenditure of this poor family, he also thanked media to highlight this incidence. Apart from Rs50,000 to this poor family MD also arranged residence and food for the persons attending the twins.