LAHORE The City District Government has retrieved government land worth over Rs 110.5 million, situated at various areas of the City from the illegal occupants on Tuesday, the 5th day of the drive against encroachments. The anti-encroachment squads retrieved government land of one kanal and 2 marlas situated at Baghbanpura area, worth Rs 10 million and a piece of land of 9 kanal 11 marla, worth Rs 90 millions, situated at Sajpal village Cantt, worth Rs 70 million and Manga Mandi 31 kanals and 3 marlas, worth Rs 10.5 million. Besides retrieving precious government land from the occupation of land grabbers the CDG officials collectively eliminated encroachments from over 25.5 kilometre area of the City and demolished 400 ramps, 32 shops, 202 shades, 147 stairs and removed as many as 152 illegal signboards/billboards from the shops and public places situated on major roads of different areas of the city and from the commercial markets as and shifted about 13 truckloads, full of encroachment items at warehouses. According to other details, Wahga Town covered about 2.5 kilometre area and demolished 3 stairs, 15 shades and 95 ramps and removed 10 signboards. Shalimar Town covered about 3.5 kilometre area and demolished 50 ramps, 20 shades and 60 ramp stairs and removed 40 signboards. Iqbal Town covered about 6 kilometre area, demolished 20 ramps, 25 shops, 4 makeshift shops, 4 tanoor 7 fences 11 shades, 5 stair and 39 signboards and 6 generators. Data Ganj Bukhsh Town covered about 5 thousand square feet area and demolished 63 ramps, 2 shops, 84 shades, 36 ramp stairs and removed 24 signboards. Nishtar Town covered 2 kilometre area and demolished 60 ramps and 15 shades. Aziz bhatti Town covered 2 kilometre area and demolished 70 ramps and 15 shades. Ravi Town cleared 2 kilometre area and demolished 18 ramps, 3 shades and 3 stairs. Samanabad Town cleared 3 kilometre area from encroachments and demolished 23 ramps.