The ever increasing use of hair colour dye to colour the hair, moustaches and beards of aging men is being witnessed in Pakistan. This is being done to falsify the true age of ageing persons instead of aging gracefully in true colours. It is estimated that millions of rupees are being spent on import of hair colours tonics and other dyes annually just to camouflage the true age in men. This often presents a picture of grotesque looks in our politicians with jet black facial hair or hair on the head when the wrinkles of their skin belie their efforts to hide their real age. There is a reported case of a husband in Hazrat Umer-i-Farooqs (RA) days who coloured his beard before marriage and upon the showing of grey hair later his wife complained of fraud on the part of husband. It was decided to quash the marriage being based on fraud. Do our aging politicians realize that they are defrauding the voters by presenting younger looks rather than their true colours? It is time to ban import of hair colour gels to save considerable foreign exchange and to present our aging men in their true appearance. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, March 14.