The report Govt buys luxury cars despite flood ravages (March 7) disclosing the Governor as well as the Chief Minster Sindhs choice to spend millions of rupees on the purchase of luxury vehicles is extremely alarming. The sad part of the story is that the Governor belongs to a party whose leader delivers regular homilies against the extravagant lifestyle of Jagirdars and Zamindars and anticipates revolution on the style of 'French Revolution. At the time when the scars left by the last years flood ravages are still alive, compelling thousands of affected families to live in makeshift arrangements on rationed food and the damaged river dykes that are still not repaired for want of funds, the act of premier authorities of the province spending taxpayers money on their magnificent lifestyle is criminal. Instead of becoming role models they are wasting public money on otherwise preventable expenditure. The Sindh badly needed funds for the restoration of flood devastated families and also restoring the river dykes before next monsoon starts and not for the purchase of expensive vehicles. Furthermore, such an act on the part of provincial government would send wrong signals to the donor agencies that are coming all the way to support the victims. KHUSHI MUHAMMAD BALOCH, Khuzdar, March 15.