ISLAMABAD The government in a move to collect more money from the consumers has issued notification regarding two per cent surcharge on every month on electricity bill effective from 15th of March instead of earlier proposed date of April 1, 2011. It is interesting to know that the government could not increase power tariff by law in the current fiscal year so it invented the new way to please its rulers and has imposed surcharge that is just changing the name of tariff increase. So actually the government has not increased the tariff but has levied surcharge and the masses would have to pay either way, an official of the ministry said. And the government would keep on imposing this new type of tariff raise till June every month. A total impact on the energy price would be around seven per cent or above per unit. It was not a tariff raise thats why the draft was firstly sent to law ministry for vetting that whether the government could avail some legal support in putting this surcharge on the electricity or not. An official of the ministry of water and power had already said that the draft would definitely be approved and the masses must be ready for the increase every month till June. Levying the surcharge of six per cent as decided with the International Monetary Fund in the slabs would definitely raise the price of power more than six per cent resultantly, the official said. It has been also come into knowledge that IMF was insisting to raise tariff by 6 per cent in one go but the government tried to minimise political pressure by doing it in the parts.