The US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Marc Grossman has recently said in a statement that Washington wants immediate release of Davis and that there would be no business between US and Pakistan until and unless the matter is resolved. This threatening tone shows that the USA has no respect and no regard for the judicial process of the worthy courts in Pakistan. The killing of two innocent citizens in Lahore by Raymond Davis is not as simple a matter as it is being portrayed by the US authorities. Instead of being apologetic, the US big wigs are trying to exploit the situation for creating havoc and chaos in the Pakistani society by crafting fissure and cracks between the Government of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan. On one hand the people of the country are demanding justice over the double murder whereas on the other, the US government is exerting pressure on the government to bless Raymond with diplomatic immunity. According to rules and regulations of Pakistan, Raymond Davis is a killer, a criminal, and he would be dealt with in the same way as the criminals and murderers are dealt with. The people of Pakistan, the security agencies, the Armed forces and surely the democratic government of Pakistan, indeed everyone is waiting patiently for what the court decides. The childish and insane demand of the US government regarding the release of Raymond Davis reflects the callously stubborn approach of the USA. If American eagerness and insistence upon the immunity of Raymond remains the same, things would get difficult for Americans living in Pakistan. US obstinacy over Raymond Davis issue is fuelling anti-Americanism in the entire country. A murderer is a terrorist; and terrorists are neither Americans nor Pakistanis; they belong to no mans land. PROFESSOR ALI SUKHANVER, Multan, March 14.