KARACHI - Another bombshell was drawn on the citizens of Karachi when the milk retailers raised the prices of milk products up to Rs 12 a litre. According to details, on the occasion of World Consumer Day, the Karachiites purchased milk at the rate of Rs 70 a litre. In a statement, Karachi Dairy Farmers Association supported the increment saying, We were forced to take up the decision owing to the skyrocketing inflation. Currently the rate of a buffalo is ranging from Rs 100,000 to Rs 200,000. Similarly, the transportation cost and the prices of fodder have also been increased immensely. However the people belonging to different walks of life said that the government had surrendered to these people. A milk consumer told that a common person, particularly belonging to salaried class, was confronting a tough situation. The government does not enhance the salary but the cost of living and inflation are on persistent rise, he added. The people slammed the decision and criticised the government over mismanagement, adding that milk was a basic human need and now it was no longer in reach of the poor. This is an outrageous decision. Already we are paying more for power, gas and for everything else. Now, the government wants us to pay more for basic commodities. With this, I have to spend around Rs 100 extra every day, a person expressed. Meanwhile, Awami National Party (ANP) Sindh on Tuesday condemned the announcement of Karachi Dairy Farmers Association regarding Rs 12 per litre increase in milk prices. ANP Sindh Spokesman Qadir Khan in his statement criticised the inefficiency of City District Government Karachi and price control committee of CDGK, saying that the profiteers were taking advantage of inefficiency of the government institution and had increased the prices of commodities on their own. He said that the recent increase would badly affect the people of different walks of life, saying that the recent announcement was unacceptable for the people. He urged the CDGK to assure the sale of commodities on decided rates. PPI adds: Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah has taken a serious notice of the sharp rise of Rs 12 per litre in fresh milk prices and directed DCO Karachi to put a check on the commoditys prices. He also directed the DCO to hold an urgent meeting with the retailers and whole sellers of milk and ensure the selling of the commodity on the right price. Shah also asked taking a legal action against profiteers. '