Apropos of your editorial captioned, "Blasphemy Laws Again" published in The Nation on March 10, 2011. Hats off to you for focusing the attention of your esteemed readers towards the continuing efforts of the American government to get the Blasphemy laws rescinded from the statute books of the Pakistani law. First it was Pope Benedict who found faults with these laws and severely rebuked the Pakistani government for not repealing the said laws. Now in the US House of Representatives, Mr. Franks along with thirteen other congressmen has tabled a resolution wherein President Obama has been besought to use his influence with the Pakistani government for doing away with the Blasphemy laws of Pakistan particularly Section 295(C) which carries death penalty for anyone who uses profane language against the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or speaks contemptuously and irreverently against him. I would like to mention here that nothing is more dangerous than deliberate and sincere ignorance. They know that these laws cannot be repealed but still they keep on repeating their mantra to curry favour with the forces loyal to anti Islamic teachings. It is against the American constitution to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. Its another thing that not a single US government has ever cared to do so. On the other hand, the present regime has gone a step ahead by plucking up enough effrontery to ask us to change our law and that too which protects the honour and respect of the greatest of all the human beings ever born on this planet. It is a shameless boldness on the part of Uncle Sam to ask us to modify our laws. Its a conscientious stupidity on the part of Congressmen to make such attempts. These law makers must realise that they should not touch the sensitive nerve of 1.5 billion Muslims who hold their Prophet (PBUH) in deep reverence and deference. I wonder why the legal wizards of America don't read the Blasphemy laws with a modicum of concentration. If they go through the said laws, they will realise that these cannot be repealed, for they guard the honour and respect of all the prophets including Jesus Christ. Its Section 298 A deals with using derogatory remarks against the holy personages. Thus, anyone disrespecting any prophet from Abraham to our holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is liable to be punished by the law of our land. One who breaks this section is liable to be punished for three years imprisonment. Section 295 B deals with defiling a copy of the holy Quran and the offender of this section is liable to life imprisonment. Section 295 C was introduced in the statute books of Pakistan in 1986 by an act of parliament and it was made a criminal offense to use profane words in respect of the Holy Prophet. This offense is punishable by life sentence or death penalty. I entreat the US law makers not to make futile attempts to get the Blasphemy laws changed particularly Section 295C which protects the honour of our Holy Prophet. No Pakistani government will ever rescind it as doing so is against the Constitution of Pakistan. Last but not least, if a few members of our parliament pass a resolution to get any American law changed, will the US Congress accede to it? Certainly not. Why? Because its against decency, morality and law itself. MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, March 14.