Lyndon B. Johnson once, stated, we have the power to shape the civilization that we want. But we need your will and your labor and your hearts, if we are to build that kind of society. In our current world, transparency and accountability are required in every aspect for societies to flourish adequately. However, even the conception of a corruption-free society crops up criticism, and the understanding of realities and functionalities of todays world become even more critical. The good news is that there are plenty of accountable institutions working scientifically and are transparent enough to raise any questions. In the World is Flat, Friedman asks where does my country fit in the global competition and opportunities. It is important to put ones country into such a perspective for a changer for the better. The need to comprehend realities and comply accordingly is necessary. For that, the youth of our nation needs to be prepared and there is a need to develop connectivity with the billions of people of this world. Taking small steps in the right direction count for a larger step for a better equipped nation. An example of such a step is the transformation of the examination system which has recently taken place. Recently the Punjab government introduced online examinations for matriculations. This year alone 907,380 students appeared for the matriculation examinations through a computerized system. This is a strong step towards educational transparency, accountability and an appreciation for hard-working students. This new system allowed 4,000 students to access computers and fill their form online rather than taking trips to banks and paying admission fees, which if lost cost a fine of Rs. 500/- to obtain a new one. The old matriculation examination system which was not computerized was creating a mafia of sorts. A mafia that was offering students services for someone to take their exams. Furthermore, students were paying off staff who were part of this mafia to grade their examinations. Another aspect of this flawed system was that the results took at least three months to compile. The new computerized system allows easy accessibility, allowing students to access their registration at anytime and without any fine. Additionally, the students are asked to submit their forms along with 2 photo IDs for authentication purposes. The students are then divided among different examination centers. A computer number is provided to each student which can only be scanned by the computer, minimizing interference with the records. Those papers are then shuffled and sent to different teachers who understand and at par with the new inference-free standard of education created. All new systems require time for them to be properly investigated; however, even if there are a few issues which need amendment, it is better than completely disapproving a new approach which is looking out for the best interests of our nation. There cannot be two opinions about the fact that an examination is meaningless without credibility. Use of unfair means and cheating in the examinations in the past put a big question mark on the authenticity of this process as well as the validity of this whole exercise. It is a common knowledge that students with money to spare could purchase almost any 'facility and privilege in the examination centre and could even sit in the examination centre of their choice. This situation not only jeopardized the entire examination system but was also highly unfair to the hard working students who had burnt the midnight oil. It is a common knowledge that online system of examination will go a long way in curbing the activities of booti mafia and the use of unfair means for getting the results of ones own choice. It is true that some problems have been faced this year due to changes made in the examination system but the big question is was this the first time that these problems arose. Similarly, only a negligible ration of 0.02 per cent students could not receive their roll-number slips in time but they have been allowed to sit in the examination under special arrangements. No system is perfect and it is also true that any new system pose a few problems in the beginning which are overcome with the passage of time. The hue and cry over the online system of examination raised this year made one feel as if a disaster had struck and brought down the whole set up. Remedial measures are being taken and the things will gradually improve. While we live in the present day world we cannot ignore the benefits and advantages that the new inventions especially computer and internet have brought for mankind. Furthermore, through online system of examination an authentic database will be established which will help in short and long term planning for the reformation of education system as a whole and upholding the rights of intelligent and hard working students.