ISLAMABAD - A key security expert says Pakistan should not sign controversial Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty (FMCT) despite the worlds powerful countries are mounting pressure on Pakistan to limit its nuclear programme by agreeing to this treaty. Director General of South Asian Strategic Stability Institute and one of the worlds most learned security analysts, Maria Sultan, said Tuesday that asymmetric developments in space programme in South Asia and the introduction of nuclear submarines were posing a threat to Pakistans strategic deterrence. Pakistan considers these developments as a source of threat to its nuclear programme. There are certain counter measures both in conventional and strategic terms that are taken into account by Pakistan but, unless Pakistan adequately matches Indian capabilities, there is no incentive for Pakistan to sign the treaty which halts the further production of nuclear weapons, Maria Sultan said during a briefing arranged for the journalists by South Asian Strategic Stability Institute, Islamabad. Answering a query in connection with current developments in space programmes of India and China, Maria said as the technology develops at a faster rate so will be the integration of Indian defence forces with its space and non-space intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance assets, which will surely pose a threat to Pakistans stability. Followed by Director General SASSI, Research fellows including Nasir Naveed Dogar, Ms Shumaila and Tahir Nazir gave impressive and informational presentations during the briefing session. Background interviews with some of the government and non-government officials revealed the worlds powers are mounting pressure on Pakistan to limit its nuclear programme by agreeing to the controversial treaty that bans production of fissile materials to make atomic bomb. The Nation has reliably learnt that the western powers, which are pushing for a deal on FMCT have once again threatened to take Pakistans case to the UN Security Council if it dont sign the agreement. Director General of SASSI agreed to the fact that Pakistan was under pressure to sign Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty however, she said Pakistan was capable of resisting this pressure. Speaking highly of countrys military and political leadership, Maria Sultan confirmed that the both had so far resisted the pressure. I believe bowing to such demands will seriously undermine the countrys national security. Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty is a Pakistan-specific treaty, so Pakistan must avoid signing it, said Maria Sultan said.