ISLAMABAD - The Registrar Office of the Supreme Court on Tuesday returned the application against the proposed appointment of NAB chairman with objection. Shahid Orakzai, the petitioner, had prayed to the apex court to instruct the federation to withhold any action under Section 6 of the National Accountability Ordinance 1999 until the announcement of the detailed judgment. He further requested that federation be instructed to appoint the NAB chairman in accordance with the Constitution and the law interpreted by this apex court in the instant petition. He had stated in the application that without waiting for the 'reasons promised by the court and the interpretation of the relevant law as emphasised by Article 185(e) (f), the President initiated a fresh process by writing letters to the Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly to appoint Justice Deedar as NAB chief again. In the objection the registrar mentioned that the court had passed judgment and now the appellant could file only review petition on it.